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Create your own Custom Chat for any needs

This powerful tool can be configured to address particular topics, answer questions, and assist with tasks by drawing on a wealth of curated information, making it an invaluable asset for engaging with data and enhancing communication.

To craft a Custom Chat in Websheet AI, you need to configure the settings to tailor the chat experience to your specific requirements.
Access Custom Chat Settings:
1. Navigate to the ChatGPT tab within Websheet AI.
2. Click on the three-dots menu (⋮) at the top.
3. Choose "Set Custom Chat" from the dropdown menu.
Access Custom Chat Settings:
The _Chat sheet will open, presenting various options to customize.
Set up visible texts
editor__chat_ai: Give your AI Assistant a name.

welcome_message: Write the first message users will see from the AI assistant.

welcome_suggestion_N: Add suggestions below the welcome message for users to click on.

welcome_suggestion_N_answer: Set up a ready-made response for each suggestion; if not provided, ChatGPT will come up with an answer.
Set up visible texts
page_title: Set up the title for the Chat Web Page.
Set up invisible texts
These settings act as invisible guides for ChatGPT, shaping its responses to fit the conversation's context and maintain a respectful and relevant dialogue.
Set up invisible texts
user_context: Inform ChatGPT about the audience's characteristics, such as interests or location, to tailor the conversation accordingly.
how_to_response: Specify how ChatGPT should respond, including tone, style, length, or other instructions.
system: This hidden command directs ChatGPT's interaction style. Setting it to 'default' ensures an optimal conversation flow for most situations.
message_postfix: An unseen directive added to the user's messages; this setting is a powerful tool that helps
ChatGPT understand the context or specific formatting needs. It's recommended to leave this blank in most cases, as it can significantly influence the responses.
user_query_limitations: Define what ChatGPT should not address, such as offensive language or irrelevant topics, to keep the conversation on track.
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Language Customization for Web Page Chat
Websheet AI's Custom Chat offers multilingual support, enhancing user engagement on your published web pages. Here's how to utilize it:
Language Dropdown: Select from pre-listed languages that align with browser locales for a consistent user experience.

Manual Entry: Input the name of any specific or unique language not covered in the dropdown.
Language Customization for Web Page Chat
Comprehensive Customization: Tailor all chat settings, both visible and invisible, to align with the chosen language, ensuring a coherent experience for web page visitors.

This multilingual feature is exclusive to Custom Chat on web pages, allowing for an inclusive reach across different language speakers.

P.S. You can create more columns
Set up modules
Customize your Websheet AI Custom Chat experience by activating or deactivating the following modules:
answer_with_sources: Activate to allow ChatGPT to reference a knowledge base and other sources for answers. Deactivate to limit ChatGPT to its default knowledge.
show_sources: Activate to let chat users see the sources of information in answers, like spreadsheet ranges or links. Deactivate to keep source details confidential.
knowledge_base: Activate this to enhance ChatGPT's answers with your
personalized knowledge base for more accurate information.
websheet_knowledge_base: This default guide helps users navigate Websheet AI. Deactivate if you're using ChatGPT for general web inquiries.
table_scanner: Activate to enable ChatGPT to use SQL-like queries on tables within the Knowledge Base, improving data-centric responses.
google_search: Activate for ChatGPT to perform Google searches for enriched answers. Deactivate to confine responses to the Knowledge Base or ChatGPT's inherent knowledge.
thinking_process: Activate to have ChatGPT 'think out loud' before responding, potentially enhancing answer quality at the expense of increased response time and cost.
overview_process: Activate for ChatGPT to review its final answers for appropriateness, which may lead to answer refinement. This beta feature also impacts response time and cost.
auto_suggestions: Activate if you want ChatGPT to provide generated suggestions after a message is sent, keeping in mind that the quality of suggestions can vary.
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Set up modules
By managing these modules, you can steer the capabilities of ChatGPT to align with your communication goals, ensuring an optimized chat experience.
Adjust the OpenAI API settings
model: Select gpt-3.5-turbo models for straightforward tasks, and opt for gpt-4 for more complex, intelligent interactions. Keep in mind that gpt-4 comes with a higher cost.
temperature: This setting, ranging from 0 to 1, influences ChatGPT's predictability and creativity. A lower number leads to more repetitive responses, while a higher number increases creativity. We recommend setting it between 0.2 to 0.6 for optimal performance.
Adjust the OpenAI API settings
Selecting the right model and temperature can significantly impact the effectiveness of ChatGPT, whether you're looking for advanced AI capabilities or seeking a more cost-effective solution.