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Edits values in a spreadsheet range according to user instructions using ChatGPT's AI

The Edit Smart Function is a versatile tool that modifies spreadsheet cell values within a specified range based on your guidelines. Whether you need data cleaning, text formatting, or quick value updates, EDIT_X will handle it using ChatGPT's capabilities. Transforming Google Sheets with the Edit Smart Function is a pleasure; there's no need to understand complicated formulas. Just write what you want in simple language, and it will transform the value in a cell as you wish.

=EDIT_X(A1, "Reverse text")

Output Example: txet desreveR
=EDIT_X(A1:A5, "Convert all full names to initials (e.g., 'John Smith' to 'J.S.')")

Output Example:
=EDIT_X(Sheet1!D8,"Convert measurements from the imperial system (popular in the US) to the metric system (popular in the EU) and modify the text according to European culture",{"act_like","Professional Adaptation Specialist";"extra_instructions","Remember, that USD → EUR exchange rate is " & GOOGLEFINANCE("Currency:USDEUR")})

Output Example:
This fantastic product weighs just 2.27 kilograms and costs €46.09! Perfect for the European lifestyle, it operates at 23.89°C and can be shipped all over the European Union.
=EDIT_X(B4,"Insert the SEO keywords naturally into the text. List of keywords: " & TEXTJOIN(", ",TRUE,'Key Words'!A1:A5),{"temperature",10;"act_like","SEO Specialist";"extra_instructions","Maintain the original tone and context; Use each keyword at least once"})

Output Example:
Learn how to bake the best Homemade cookies with our easy-to-follow Baking tips. Our Cookie recipe will make you the star of any gathering. From selecting the right ingredients to mastering the perfect bake time, we've got you covered. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned baker, our step-by-step instructions will help you create Delicious desserts that are not just delicious but also picture-perfect. So grab your mixing bowls and get ready to impress your friends and family with your newfound Easy baking skills.
Arguments List
=EDIT_X(range, instructions, [options])
=EDIT_Y(range, instructions, [options])
Options List
Particular object at the end of a formula which contains optional parameters values in the form {"parameter_name",value; "next_parameter_name",value}
For Example: {"extra_instructions","Remember this info: " & A1; "act_like","English Teacher"}
Sidebar Options
Due to Google Sheets limitations, those options cannot be used in Smart Formulas but are available for a Smart Function call from the Websheet AI sidebar.