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Transforms text in a spreadsheet into AI-generated voiceover via OpenAI TTS or ElevenLabs voices

Perfect for generating text-to-speech using AI models from OpenAI and ElevenLabs, leaders in the voice-generating industry. This function enables batch generation of phrases within Google Sheets. The combination of AI voiceovers and spreadsheets makes it suitable for use in the gaming industry, education, language learning, and the creation of faceless TikTok or YouTube content.

It can generate text-to-speech in any of those languages: Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Korean, Indonesian, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Swedish, Filipino, Malay, Romanian, Ukrainian, Greek, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Bulgarian, Croatian, Slovak, Tamil.

=SAY_X("This voice isn't real; it's generated using AI technologies.")

Output Example:
=SAY_Y(E21, "fable", {"filename",D21})

Output Example:
=SAY_Y(C7, E7, {"speed",F7; "stability",G7; "style",I7; "filename",L7})

Output Example:
Arguments List
=SAY_X(text, [voiceid], [options])
=SAY_Y(text, [voiceid], [options])
Options List
Particular object at the end of a formula which contains optional parameters values in the form {"parameter_name",value; "next_parameter_name",value}
For Example:{"speed",100; "stability",66; "similarity_boost",62; "style",5; "use_speaker_boost",TRUE; "optimize_streaming_latency",1}