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Translate a spreadsheet range to another language using ChatGPT

Utilize ChatGPT's capabilities to quickly translate values in a Google Sheets range into any language, regardless of the original source language, while ensuring high-quality results. This allows for the provision of additional context or instructions to ensure accurate translation.

=TRANSLATE_X(A1, "Polish")

Output Example: przetłumaczony tekst
=TRANLSTE_X(A1:A5, "French")

Output Example:
Fixer des objectifs clairs.
Élaborer un plan.
Rester concentré.
Tirer les leçons des échecs.
Rester persévérant.
=TRANSLATE_X(Sheet1!D8,"Dutch",{"extra_instructions","Convert measurements from the imperial system (popular in the US) to the metric system (popular in the EU) and modify the text according to European culture. Remember, that USD → EUR exchange rate is " & GOOGLEFINANCE("Currency:USDEUR")})

Output Example:
Dit fantastische product weegt slechts 2,27 kilo en kost €46,09! Perfect voor de Europese levensstijl, het werkt op 23,89°C en kan in de hele Europese Unie verzonden worden.
=TRANSLATE_X(B4,"Czech",{"temperature",10;"extra_instructions","Use term from this list during translation: " & TEXTJOIN(", ",TRUE,Terms!A1:A5)})

Output Example:
Design je umění vytvářet řešení problémů. Zahrnuje grafický, produktový a interiérový design. Dobrý design je krásný i uživatelsky přívětivý, dokáže ovlivnit chování a sdělit složité myšlenky. Designéři musí být kreativní a zároveň brát ohled na své publikum. V konečném důsledku může design pozitivně ovlivnit společnost.
Arguments List
=TRANSLATE_X(range, output_language, [options])
=TRANSLATE_Y(range, output_language, [options])
Options List
Particular object at the end of a formula which contains optional parameters values in the form {"parameter_name",value; "next_parameter_name",value}
For Example: {"extra_instructions","Remember this info: " & A1; "temperature",0.4}
Sidebar Options
Due to Google Sheets' constraints, certain features are unavailable for Smart Formulas. Nonetheless, these features are accessible through Smart Functions found in the Websheet AI sidebar.