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Refresh settings, formulas, or knowledge base to be up to date

Updating information
Go to the Actions, then click to the Update, and choose what do you want to update.
Updating information
There are two options for uploading a file:
Everything: updates chat settings, all Knowledge Base sources, Smart Formulas, and link information. It is a long and costly operation.

Whole Knowledge Base: updates all Knowledge Base sources.

Ranges in Knowledge Base: if any changes have been made to the range sources, they are re-uploaded to the Knowledge Base. Add new ranges from the _Data sheet.

Links Data: updates links information to provide the latest up-to-date information to the Knowledge Base. Upload Links and Text sources information if they were added to _Data sheet.

Chat Settings: update Custom Chat according to the _Chat config sheet.

All Formulas: refresh all Smart Formulas on the spreadsheet; operation can take a long time.

Loading/Errors: refresh Smart Formulas in loading or error states; it is a good way to fix all issues in the spreadsheet.