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During the beta test, we run new accounts in preview mode

You've entered the Preview Mode of Websheet AI, allowing you to explore some of the innovative features that make Websheet AI a cutting-edge tool for spreadsheet intelligence.

In Preview Mode, you can:
  • Explore the User Interface (UI) of Websheet AI
  • Explore Ready Websheets and see them in action
  • Explore Smart Functions and learn about their parameters.
However, full access to all the functionalities is exclusive to our full-access users. With full access, you'll unlock:

  • Build-in ChatGPT Chats, allowing for interactive communication and assistance
  • Working Smart Functions to automate tasks and enhance analysis
  • Working Smart Formulas for complex calculations and data manipulation
  • The possibility to create Custom Chats and Web Pages for personalized interaction and presentation.
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