Categorize a value based on a list of predefined options
It is a versatile ChatGPT-based tool for categorizing and analyzing data across multiple domains, such as user feedback, real estate listings, and content moderation, enabling efficient, context-specific decision-making.
=CHOOSE_X(D2, "Very Positive Review, Overall Positive Review, Product Issue, Mismatch of Description and Product, Delivery Issue, Too Pricey")

Output Example: Delivery Issue
=CHOOSE_X(G2:G6, "Apartment, House, Townhouse, Villa, Studio, Duplex, Penthouse, Commercial, Industrial, Land, Condo, Loft", {"extra_instructions", "Consider size, location, and amenities in the description"; "act_like", "Real Estate Agent"})

Output Example:
=CHOOSE_X(Essays!D2"A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, F", {"extra_instructions", "Assess based on depth of analysis, clarity of expression, structure, grammar, and originality"; "act_like", "English Teacher"})

Output Example:
=CHOOSE_X(Posts!B2, "Appropriate, Questionable, Inappropriate, Needs Review, Escalate", {"extra_instructions", "Forum Rules: " & TEXTJOIN("; ", TRUE, Rules!A2:A10); "act_like", "Senior Community Moderator"; "temperature", 0.7})

Output Example:
Arguments List
=CHOOSE_X(range, variants, [options])
=CHOOSE_Y(range, variants, [options])
Options List
Particular object at the end of a formula which contains optional parameters values in the form {"parameter_name",value; "next_parameter_name",value}
For Example: {"extra_instructions","Remember this info: " & A1; "act_like","English Teacher"}
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