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Create and fill a table for a specific theme using ChatGPT in your spreadsheet

It quickly generates tables in your spreadsheet based on the specific theme or topic you provide. Ideal for organizing data, brainstorming sessions, or project planning, this function uses ChatGPT to create structured and insightful tables. Creating tables with sample data in your Google Sheets and then filling them with your data can significantly speed up your workflow.

=MAKETABLE_X("Fictional productds table with 25 rows")

Expected Output:
Table of products with 25 rows
=MAKETABLE_X("Fictional Book Inventory", "Title, Author, Genre, Published Year")

Expected Output:
Table of books with columns Title, Author, Genre, and Published Year
=MAKETABLE_X("Fitness Routine", "Day, Exercise ,Duration, Calories Burned", {"with_web",TRUE; "temperature",0.4; "act_like","Fitness Trainer"; "extra_instructions","Factor in rest days"})

Expected Output:
Table with a fitness schedule
=MAKETABLE_X("Our clients who are working in tech", "ID, Name, Job, Email, Phone", {"with_kb",TRUE; "temperature", IFS($C$6="Very Creative", 0.6, $C$6="Medium",0.3, $C$6="Very Rational",0)})

Expected Output:
Filtered by work table from a spreadsheet Knowledge Base
Arguments List
=MAKETABLE_X(subject, [header],[options])
=MAKETABLE_Y(subject, [header],[options])
Options List
Particular object at the end of a formula which contains optional parameters values in the form {"parameter_name",value; "next_parameter_name",value}
For Example: {"output_language","French"; "extra_instructions","Remember this info: " & A1; "act_like","Data Analyst"}